Siren Speaks

A siren sings through pixels


When once the sky was blue

An immersive web experience exploring eco-grief in a dystopian future


Venir Creatur at Burning Man

A meditation on artificial intelligence as creator and created


Afterlife: An AV Performance

A magic lantern phantasmagoria show for the 21st century


I believe in magic.

Hi there! My name is Harshini J. Karunaratne and I’m a Sri Lankan – Peruvian digital visual artist. I graduated in Film & New Media and Theater at New York University Abu Dhabi in 2018, and then pursued a Masters in New Media Design after migrating to Berlin in 2021.

My heart lies at the intersection of film and theater. My background is initially in photography but my passion is in the fields of projection design and audiovisual performance.  
From showcasing work in the UAE, Italy, Peru, Germany, Japan, Greece, to FILE Festival in Sao Paulo, Burning Man in Nevada, and Art Dubai, I’m always looking for the opportunity to collaborate and create new work.

A circular black and white image of a person (the artist) in profile, with two red circles within the frame.